Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's a Hard Knock Life!

I was born on a "puppy farm" in Missouri. Why they called it a farm I will never know. Nothing good grew there....except me Mommy says. One day I was transported to Detroit where my Mommy picked me and took me home. It was so good to finally have a real home! I was so happy to meet my new brothers, Austin and Scully. Paco wasn't born yet. I really enjoyed playing with my brothers and running and jumping in the yard. Sometimes we would go for walks and I would get to ride in a puppy carrier that hung off of Mommy. I am proud to say I am double jointed! I can do interesting things with my legs that my brothers can't do. I guess being born on a "puppy farm" wasn't so bad after all. I love where I ended up. Where you start out in life is not always an indication of where you will end up! Lucky for me!
- Tyler


team said...

who could not love that face?

BJ said...

Hi Ty - you and your brothers are too cute... would love to hug you. Puppy kisses from FLA.