Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's Not All Fun & Games!

Even though we all do get along so well and love each other very much, there have been times when fireworks have erupted! A good example of this, was the time that Austin made fun of my polo shirt. I had to put him in his place! Who is he to judge after the "red ear muff" incident! Needless to say, he was shocked-you can tell by the expression on his face. Being diminutive in size, and a natural born leader, I had to set Austin straight immediately. Let him know what I would and wouldn't tolerate! Couldn't have the rest of the Pack thinking it was okay to laugh and make fun of my clothing choices! Can I help it if the rest of them have no fashion sense!

- Paco

1 comment:

BJ said...

Maybe Austin was jealous - Paco looks darling in his shirt - wonderful sense of color (along with style). :)