Tuesday, October 30, 2007

On Loyality

If there is one thing I think is important in this world, it is loyality. Take for example me and Snuggles. He's the one in the picture with brown matted fur. I have known Snuggles ever since I can remember. I remember when Snuggles was bigger than me, and it took all I had to carry him around. Snuggles has been through it all with me. We have taken trips together often, in the car, with Mommy. One time, when we were staying at a particularly nice hotel, Snuggles said he didn't want to leave. I told him we had to go, but sometime when we were packing up the car he threw himself under the bed, and Mommy and I left without him. By the time I realized he was missing, we where miles and miles down the road. We called the hotel and the lady said they had found Snuggles, laying on the bed watching TV and eating potato chips, when they went in the room the clean. The lady was real nice and sent Snuggles back--(in a shoebox) in the mail to me. I think the experience of traveling in a shoebox really impacted Snuggles, he has never gotten lost again!
- Scully


BJ said...

Oh my - what a tragic event - glad there was a HAPPY :) ending !!!

Cabot and Nikki Wilkinson said...

I love this!! Nikki :)