Monday, January 21, 2008

Dreaming Of Summer

You know it is morning's like these, when we wake up to temps in the lower 30's, when we lay back in bed and snuggle in and think about those lazy days of summer by the pool. We just love lounging around the pool and having the sun beat down on us--it feels so good. Once we were all chasing each other around the outside of the pool when Scully, bumped Tyler and knocked him into the deep end! Tyler was swimming for his life! Luckily Mommy jumped in and saved him! Scully said it was an accident, but things have just not been the same between the two of them since that time! Tyler holds a grudge!



BJ said...

hahaha... I can see the action unfolding - poor Ty !!!

Cabot and Nikki Wilkinson said...

Hello Neighbors,

We are Ozzie's parents-we had met you once before while we were walking around the block. This is the first chance we've actually been on your blog-love it! Our little guy has been in the hospital for the past two days-they think it may be a pancreatitis. We hope he recovers soon. Just asking for your puggy prayers. Your little ones are soooooo cute!