Saturday, March 15, 2008

All That Jazz!

Greetings! I am Rudy, and I live next door to the PugsPack. As you can see I am a very cool adventurous kind of guy. There used to be a secret passage under the fence in my backyard that I would go through for my morning runs on the golf course....but that had to be closed up because of my last big adventure. I went for one of my usual runs on the golf course and did not return for 3 days. The entire neighborhood was out looking for me. They walked the golf course at night with flash lights yelling Rudy..Rudy...Rudy, they drove around the blocks with the their cars, and asked everyone who was outside if they had seen me. But I was not ready to come home just yet. Some things a dog just has to do on his own. When I finally came home everyone was really happy to see me! My Mom thinks that the big owl that lives on the golf course swooped me up and carried me away and that I struggled for my freedom and was dropped into Brushy Creek (explains my ragged/wet appearance when I returned). I'll never tell who I was with and what I was doing those 3 days...a guy has to have his privacy! A shout out to my buddy Scully from the PugsPack! Love you, man!
- Rudy

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BJ said...

So glad your adventure brought you home safe & sound.