Sunday, April 27, 2008

Home At Last!!!

We stayed at the Premier Pet Spa for 6 whole days!! Mommy went on a vacation and we decided to go on our own vacation instead of tag along. We felt we needed some space of our know sometimes you just need to get away from the folks you love. That does not mean you don't love just need a little alone time!! The spa we stayed at was very nice. All the people that work there are very good to us! We like them!! You will notice that Paco is absent from this photo...he is still angry and didn't want his picture taken. Apparently Paco ended up seeing some very large guests (dogs) at the spa that he didn't like. He was certain that when he made his reservation he asked for a room with a view and a no large dog area. Of course he was very upset about the mix up in his reservation. He is very hard to please!!! But we love him anyway.

---Tyler, Scully and Austin

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BJ said...

So glad your vacation at the Spa was enjoyable.... I know you were greatly missed and thought about those 6 days !!!