Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday In the Park!

I love Saturday mornings! On Saturday morning the entire PugsPack loads up in the car and heads down the street to Brushy Creek Park! We love the park, we run and follow the path into the woods and run out by the water...we have a great time! We see lots of new people and smell lots of new smells. We usually see people fishing, jogging and sometimes flying kites. People come up and say hi and pet us and tell us how sweet we are. Sometimes when little kids come around Paco see little kids always want to pick up Paco and hug and kiss him. This freaks Paco out who runs and hides behind Mommy. I don't exactly know what they see in Paco anyway!! Anyway...Yeah for Saturdays!!! - Scully


Stargazer said...

Sweet post! Sounds like the perfect life.

Cabot and Nikki Wilkinson said...

Have ya'll been up to the new dog part in Round Rock!! Great place. There is even seperate facilities for little dogs and big dogs!! We've only been there once with Beau, our lab, but plan on going more often.